As technology evolves at a rapid pace, integrating STEM education into the classroom can be challenging and time-consuming. At STEM Minds, we make it easy for schools to engage students in STEM learning and complement exisiting curriculum

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On - demand Courses

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Virtual Classroom Workshops

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On-Demand Courses

Our STEAM Hub online learning platform for grades 3+ offers a suite of 15+ online courses all focused on the most popular STEM topics! Developed by certified teachers, each course includes full-length video lessons, custom-built learning simulators, hands-on projects, plus built-in assessment and evaluation tools for teachers.

Classroom Workshops

Live Virtual Workshops

Our live virtual workshops for Grades K-12 brings hands-on STEM learning to your students no matter where you are. Inspire, innovate, and create with your students in curriculum-connected workshops ranging from coding, video game design, 3D design, and more!

Workshops can be delivered through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meets whether students are in-class or at home on their own devices.

Professional Development & Resources

Professional Development Workshops

STEM is the future of education! Our professional development workshops are designed and facilitated by certified teachers and fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your school.

From technology-specific workshops like coding and robotics to innovative topics like design thinking and makerspaces, you will leave with the confidence and resources you need to bring powerful STEM learning experiences to students.

Coding Unit Plans

Coding is an important skill for 21st-century students, but you may be wondering how to get started.

These week long unit plans for Grades 1 -8 connect directly to the new math coding expectations and get students hands-on experience with coding!

Designed by OCT certified teachers with experience teaching coding to thousands of students, these unit plans include full length video lessons, printables, rubrics, parent letters, and more so you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

Microsoft Global Training Partner

We are an approved Microsoft Global Training Partner. Get the training you need on Microsoft Teams, Minecraft, Flipgrid and more with our hands-on trainings.

Facilitated by OCT certified teachers and fully curriculum-connected, our PD workshops are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your school. Leave with the confidence and resources you need to bring some of Microsoft’s most powerful tools into the classroom.

Teacher Community

Join the STEM Minds Teacher Community on Facebook! This private group brings teachers together to connect, share resources, and more. Best of all, you also get access to free weekly mini-trainings and early notification of all new learning opportunities.

Teamie - Our Learning Partner

Teamie is a Cloud-based platform that can be accessed by web browsers and Mobile applications (Android and iOS) that enables anytime anywhere access to the platform. Real-time notifications, access to learning content and the ability to collaborate on the go makes the learning process collaborative and fun.




As a school looking to replace a more traditional VLE we invited more than 16 vendors to demonstrate their products to us. The field was very quickly narrowed down to three, and discussions were plentiful.  In the end, the clear winner was ‘Teamie’.

The concise, friendly, and familiar newsfeed offered opportunities for clear information and discussion, and small, but important features such as locking a post opened up ideas for formative assessment practices. Lessons can be dynamic, and existing materials very easily imported and adapted. Never have I encountered a support team so responsive and so willing to build their product to match the aims and philosophy of the individual school.

Our journey is just beginning, but confidence is high as we roll out the platform to all stakeholders – and we look forward to an ongoing partnership where we are not just a customer, but are invited to consult and help shape future iterations of the Teamie platform.

Trevor Hughes

Assistant Principal, St. Joseph's Institution International School

Absolutely thrilled with the engagement of my class during the LEGO EV3 Robotics session through STEM Minds.

The students were dialed in from the first minute and followed along through initial simple instructions to extend their understanding of coding with growing independence.

The instructors were energetic and knowledgeable, and the students really enjoyed working with them. An absolute homerun for cooperative learning, student engagement, and exposure to STEM opportunities.


Principal, York Region District School Board

UWCSEA chose Teamie over other learning platforms as the integral social and collaborative basis of the platform resonates strongly with our principles of learning. The deep Google Apps integration allows it to complement and enhance our current practice without requiring teachers to move (again) all their resources or change calendar platforms.

Teamie has excellent support and responsiveness to feedback, and an openness to integrate with other products. Being a cloud-based solution, it offers a robust and scalable delivery platform at a price that provides real value for money.

Ben Morgan

Director of IT, United World College of South East Asia